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The location of Gardiki at the narrow southwest flank of Corfu provided protection to the fields and the southern lowlands of Corfu and in combination with Kassiopi Castle on the northeastern coast of the island and Byzantine Angelokastro protecting the northwestern shore of Corfu, formed a triangular line of defence which protected Corfu during the pre-Venetian era. Under the latter, the island suffered considerably from the inroads of various adventurers.[16]. S’enfonçant sous l’eau, un confrère saute lui aussi dans la mer glacée pour tenter de le sauver. At night, dance and costume parties are traditional.[137]. L’exécution du contrat ne fut pas aussi facile que prévue. [88] It is also considered the first building to have incorporated all of the elements of the Doric architectural style. Nommé une première fois FORTH SALEESH, il était la propriété de D.O.C. [8] The fortifications of the island were used by the Venetians to defend against Ottoman intrusion into the Adriatic. Also notable are the Old and New forts, the recently restored Palace of Sts. Le gouvernement canadien ne reconnut le sacrifice de ces hommes qu’au début du 21e siècle et dédommagea partiellement les quelques survivants qui étaient toujours en vie. Top Corfu Islands: See reviews and photos of islands in Corfu, Greece on Tripadvisor. In 1214 it passed to the Greek despots of Epirus,[16] who gave it to Manfred of Sicily as a dowry in 1259. [4] The principal city of the island (pop. The Nazi bombing raids destroyed most of the city's buildings, including churches, homes, and whole city blocks, especially in the Jewish quarter Evraiki. Today the palace is open to the public and forms a complex of halls and buildings housing art exhibits, including a Museum of Asian Art, unique across Southern Europe in its scope and in the richness of its Chinese and Asian exhibits. The island has again become an important port of call and has a considerable trade in olive oil. De même que ses voisins Guy Aucoin,  Augustin Aucoin et Alphonse Renaud qui avaient vu le navire contourner l’Île aux goélands au lever du jour, ils sont tous convaincus qu’il s’agit d’aller y ramasser des cadavres. [7][54][55] The success was owed in no small part to the extensive fortifications, where Venetian castle engineering had proven itself once again against considerable odds. Rewriting history, locals now refer to the old Royal Gardens as the "Garden of the People" (Ο Κήπος του Λαού). On tente de remettre à l’eau la grosse chaloupe échouée sur la rive. The main wine grape varietals found in Corfu are the indigenous white Kakotrýgēs and red Petrokóritho, the Cefalonian white Robóla, the Aegean Moscháto (white muscat), the Achaean Mavrodáphnē and others.[152]. These contemporary Catholics are mostly families who came from Malta, but also from Italy, and today the Catholic community numbers about 4,000 (​2⁄3 of Maltese descent), who live almost exclusively in the Venetian "Citadel" of Corfu City. [36], From at least the early 9th century, Corfu and the other Ionian Islands formed part of the theme of Cephallenia. [108][109], Its position at the northeastern coast of Corfu overseeing the Corfu Channel that separates the island from the mainland gave the castle an important vantage point and an elevated strategic significance. De plus, aucun espoir de voir d’autres marins arriver dans une autre embarcation puisqu’il n’y en a plus à bord du Corfu. 1200 pieds de corde. Ce fut une réussite, car tous furent sauvés. The hero is presented devoid of rank or status, and seems notably human, though heroic, as he is forever trying to pull Paris's arrow from his heel. The Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport, named after Ioannis Kapodistrias, a Corfiot and European diplomat, and the first governor of the independent Greek state, is located around three kilometres south of Kerkyra, just half a kilometre north of Pontikonisi. [33] The Greek newt, the Macedonian crested newt, the common toad, the European green toad, the European tree frog, the agile frog, the Epirus water frog and the Greek marsh frog are the representatives of the Amphibia Class. [116] It is also considered the precursor of the Ionian University. The architecture organically mixed Venetian and English styles with traditional Greek and French. It is believed by the faithful that on its way from the island the plague scratched one of the fortification stones of the old citadel to indicate its fury at being expelled; to St. Spyridon is also attributed the role of saving the island at the second great siege of Corfu in 1716. Corfu's urban architecture differs from that of other major Greek cities, because of Corfu's unique history. Ceci n’empêcha pas vingt-sept marins, tous d’origine grecque, de s’embarquer pour ce qui allait être un voyage dont ils allaient se souvenir toute leur vie. With the island's area estimated at 592.9 square kilometres (146,500 acres),[17] it runs approximately 64 km (40 mi) long, with greatest breadth at around 32 km (20 mi). The island is linked by two motorways, GR-24 in the northwest and GR-25 in the south. [69] The Corfu General Hospital was also constructed;[70] electricity was introduced to the villages in the 1950s, the radio substation of Hellenic Radio in Corfu was inaugurated in March 1957,[71] and television was introduced in the 1960s, with internet connections in 1995. C’est alors que regardant par la fenêtre, à travers le blizzard, il réalise que le vent a jeté à terre les trois antennes émettrices. [21] Some species have become extinct, such as the rock partridge, or no longer breed on the island, like the eastern imperial eagle and Bonelli's eagle. Today the majority of Corfiots are Greek Orthodox, but the small Catholic minority (5%), living harmoniously with the Orthodox community, owes its faith to these origins. The approach and landing, in a northeasterly direction, afford passengers aerial views of Pontikonisi and Vlaheraina Monastery, also taking in the hills of Kanoni, as the runway employed for landing lies a few hundred metres from these local landmarks. The second range culminates in the mountain of Santi Jeca, or Santa Decca, as it is called by misinterpretation of the Greek designation Άγιοι Δέκα (Hagioi Deka), or the Ten Saints. Vous avez risqué vos vies pour nous sauver. Jan Lettens 03/11/2014. [35] In 551, during the Gothic War, the Ostrogoths raided the island and destroyed the city of Corfu, then known as Chersoupolis (Χερσούπολις, "city on the promontory") because of its location between Garitsa Bay and Kanoni. Corfu Island Warnings and Dangers. His classically depicted face is full of pain. Voulant accélérer la cadence afin d’atteindre un abri non loin de cette grande île, le capitaine Peter Paschalis demande d’alourdir le navire en emplissant les ballasts de 3000 tonnes additionnelles d’eau de mer. The previous site of the city, now known as Palaiopolis (Παλαιόπολις, "old city"), continued to be inhabited for several centuries, however. [133][132][134] The archives of the theatre, including the historical San Giacomo archives, all valuables and art were destroyed in the Luftwaffe bombing with the sole exception of the stage curtain, which was not in the premises the night of the bombing and thus escaped harm; among the losses are believed to have been numerous manuscripts of the work of Spyridon Xyndas, composer of the first opera in Greek. Enregistré sous pavillon panaméen depuis nombre d’années, l’équipage reçut en plein milieu de l’Atlantique l’ordre de raturer le mot « Panama » sur la poupe du bateau et le changer pour « Beyrouth » en plus d’y apposer le drapeau du Liban à l’arrière comme l’exige le droit international. »  Traduction : « Ceci est un envoi de signal de détresse – stop – Moteur arrêté – dérivons vers les Îles de la Madeleine – Golfe Saint-Laurent. In 1923, after a diplomatic dispute between Italy and Greece, Italian forces bombarded and occupied Corfu. 32,095) is also named Corfu. From medieval times and into the 17th century, the island was recognised as a bulwark of the European States against the Ottoman Empire and became one of the most fortified places in Europe. The worst losses were the historic buildings of the Ionian Academy (Ιόνιος Ακαδημία), the Municipal Theatre (which in 1901 had replaced the Nobile Teatro di San Giacomo di Corfù), the Municipal Library, and the Ionian Parliament. L'article n'a pas été envoyé - Vérifiez vos adresses e-mail ! The commercially advantageous location of Corcyra on the way between Greece and Magna Grecia, and its fertile lowlands in the southern section of the island favoured its growth and, influenced perhaps by the presence of non-Corinthian settlers, its people, quite contrary to the usual practice of Corinthian colonies, maintained an independent and even hostile attitude towards the mother city. La manœuvre réussit puisque les autorités douanières panaméennes n’y virent que du feu. [82], The Digital Archaic Heraion Project at Mon Repos is a project that has undertaken the task of digitising the architectural fragments found at the Corfu Heraion with the aim to reconstruct in 3D the Temple at Palaiopolis in virtual space. [112][113], The three present municipalities of Corfu and Diapontia Islands were formed in the 2019 local government reform by the merger of the former municipalitiy.[4]. » Récemment, après avoir découvert des écoulements pétroliers autour de cette coque, il y a fort à parier que ce sont les cavités appelées « ballasts » habituellement remplis d’huile lourde qui sont la cause de ces écoulements. [131], The Municipal Theatre of Corfu (Greek: Δημοτικό Θέατρο Κέρκυρας) has been the main theatre and opera house in Corfu, Greece since 1902. The island of Corfu is Greece's large, green Ionian Island. Plus de cinquante années plus tard, le CORFU ISLAND  fait encore parler de lui et pas toujours en bien. "The Gulf of Venice runs for 800 mi (1,287 kilometres) between Italy and Esclavonia, and at the end of it is the island of Corfu, which the Venetians call their door, although Venice is in fact 800 mi (1,287 kilometres) away." These events take place amidst the ancient fortifications, with the Ionian sea in the background. Angelokastro (Greek: Αγγελόκαστρο (Castle of Angelos or Castle of the Angel); Venetian: Castel Sant'Angelo) is a Byzantine castle on the island of Corfu,[102][103] Greece. Despite the destruction wrought on the countryside, the city castle held out in spite of repeated attempts over twelve days to take it, and the Turks left the island unsuccessfully because of poor logistics and an epidemic that decimated their ranks. ». It is considered to be the only Greek temple of Doric architecture that does not have a frieze. The Imperial gardens on the hill look over the surrounding green hills and valleys and the Ionian sea. C’est à ce moment-là qu’un marin trouve une vieille fusée munie d’un filin métallique. Angelokastro is one of the most important fortified complexes of Corfu. [40], The peace and prosperity of the Macedonian era ended with another Saracen attack in 1033, but more importantly with the emergence of a new threat: following the Norman conquest of Southern Italy, the ambitious Norman monarchs set their sights on expansion in the East. From 1386 to 1797, Corfu was ruled by Venetian nobility; much of the city reflects this era when the island belonged to the Republic of Venice, with multi-storied buildings on narrow lanes. Corfu is located near the Kefalonia geological fault formation; earthquakes have occurred. Ils sont enfin échoués et à ce qu’il semble, cela pourrait être une plage et non des récifs. [45][56] Today, however, this role is often relatively unknown or ignored, but was celebrated in Juditha triumphans by the Venetian composer Antonio Vivaldi. [137] Corfiots, young and old, dress up in colourful costumes and follow the parade, spilling out into the area's narrow streets (kantounia) and spreading the festivities across the city,[137] dancing and socialising. [16], In 303 BC, after a vain siege by Cassander,[16] the island was occupied for a short time by the Lacedaemonian general Cleonymus of Sparta, then regained its independence and later it was attacked and conquered by Agathocles of Syracuse. Une fois la transmission rétablie, un dialogue s’amorce entre les deux opérateurs radio par code morse. Following the final defeat of Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo, the Ionian Islands became a protectorate of the United Kingdom by the Treaty of Paris of 5 November 1815 as the United States of the Ionian Islands. For other uses, see. [22] The golden jackal was very common till the 1960s but after persecution it became extinct, with the last individuals observed in the first half of the 1990s. City buses run through the city to the Airport, Achilleion, Gouvia, Afra, Pelekas and some other places of interest. Impossible de partager les articles de votre blog par e-mail. Hera's temple is situated at the western limits of Mon Repos, close to Kardaki Temple and to the northwest. [82] Hera's Temple was built at the top of Analipsis Hill, and, because of its prominent location, it was highly visible to ships passing close to the waterfront of ancient Korkyra. During the British occupation, in 1814, the leprosarium was once again opened after renovations, and following Enosis in 1864 the leprosarium again saw occasional use. Pendant ce temps, les rescapés ayant été amenés chez Albert Gaudet semblent réaliser pour la première fois qu’ils sont sains et saufs. [54], These defeats in the east and the west of the island proved decisive, and the Ottomans abandoned their siege and departed. Apollonius named the island Drepane, Greek for "sickle", since it was thought to hide the sickle that Cronus used to castrate his father Uranus, from whose blood the Phaeacians were descended. This is the biggest square in South-Eastern Europe and one of the largest in Europe,[78][79] and replete with green spaces and interesting structures, such as a Roman-style rotunda from the era of British administration, known as the Maitland monument, built to commemorate Sir Thomas Maitland. Tout est blanc et froid. Description: This map shows where Corfu island is located on the Greece Map. SS Corfu Islands. The central high point of the citadel rises like a giant natural obelisk complete with a military observation post at the top, with a giant cross at its apex; at the foot of the observatory lies St. George's church, in a classical style punctuated by six Doric columns,[101] as opposed to the Byzantine architectural style of the greater part of Greek Orthodox churches. [127] This victory over the Ottomans, therefore, was attributed not only to the leadership of Count Schulenburg who commanded the stubborn defence of the island against Ottoman forces, but also to the miraculous intervention of St. Spyridon. Thucydides also reports that Korkyra was one of the three great naval powers of fifth century BC Greece, along with Athens and Corinth. Overlooking a pretty harbor filled with wooden fishing boats, it offers a choice of seafood tavernas and cafés, which are popular with affluent Brits and Italians, some of whom have villas here. width of 34 km the island has an area of 613.6 km² and a costal line of 217 km. In the Island Tour section you can read about the villages and the beaches of the island and also see pictures , videos , a map and a live webcam of Corfu town. COVID-19 coronavirus: New procedures are in place for arriving yachts – see Biosecurity for details.. For full details on clearing into or out of Greece see Greece Formalities.. Corfu town is a Port of Entry and the central port authorities are situated at the far end (west) of the commercial port. On procéda quand même au découpage de l’épave, mais le tout s’arrêta à la ligne d’enfoncement dans le sable. CORFU, THE EMERALD ISLAND OF GREECE. Après l’exécution du protocole habituel, Chester Turnbull décide d’appeler des gens habitant la rive nord des Îles, de la Pointe-aux-Loups jusqu’à L’Étang-du-Nord et leur suggère par voie téléphonique d’appeler tous leurs voisins et amis afin qu’ils allument le maximum de lumières en dehors de leur maison. According to Strabo (VI, 269), the Liburnians were masters of the island Korkyra (Corfu), until 735 BC, when they left it, under pressure of Corinthian ruler Hersikrates, in a period of Corinthian expansion to South Italy, Sicily and Ionian Sea. [57], During the First World War, the island served as a refuge for the Serbian army that retreated there on Allied forces' ships from a homeland occupied by the Austrians, Germans and Bulgarians. According to Greek mythology, his mother Thetis was a goddess. Köln, 2016, This page was last edited on 31 December 2020, at 12:17. Of these the apple and the pear are very inferior in Corfu; the others thrive, together with all the fruit trees known in southern Europe, with addition of the kumquat, loquat and prickly pear and, in some spots, the banana. Chester s’installe donc à son poste et prend connaissance du message déjà reçu et qui se lit comme suit : « Have sent out distress call – stop. If you are not up to a 20 minute walk, a local bus into town is available. Angelokastro, located at the western frontier of the Empire, was instrumental in repulsing the Ottomans during the first great siege of Corfu in 1537, in the siege of 1571 and the second great siege of Corfu in 1716 causing the Ottomans to fail at penetrating the defences of Corfu in the North. Elle passe au dessus de la tête des gens sur la côte pour aller se loger à une centaine de pieds derrière un buttereau de sable enneigé. [59] After Greece's surrender to the Axis, the island came under Italian control and occupation. Olive trees dominate and their combination with cypress trees compose the typical Corfiot landscape. After the conquest of the Peloponnese in 1715, the Ottoman fleet appeared in Buthrotum opposite Corfu. The palace, with the neoclassical Greek statues that surround it, is a monument to platonic romanticism as well as escapism. Cette amitié demeure présente avec plusieurs d’entre vous et chaque fois que je reviens, je rencontre plus de gens, plus d’amis. [23][24] Wild boar were exterminated after 2000 after farmers complained about crop damage. De là, on y attachait un câble solide afin de tirer le bateau vers la terre ferme. The huge walls of the fortress loom over the landscape as one travels from Neo Limani (Νέο Λιμάνι, "New Port") to the city, taking the road that passes through the fishmarket (ψαραγορά). This custom dates from the 19th century, when colonial administrators banned the participation of the British garrison band in the traditional Holy Friday funeral cortege. From 1720, Corfu became the possessor of the first theatre in post-1452 Greece. Despite repeated assaults and heavy fighting, the Ottomans were unable to breach the defences and were forced to raise the siege after 22 days. Of the snakes of Corfu only the nose-horned viper is potentially dangerous. Top 5 reasons to visit Corfu island. [60][61] Approximately two hundred out of a total population of 1,900 escaped. [54] The same day, the Venetian fleet encountered the Ottoman fleet off the Corfu Channel and defeated it in the ensuing naval battle. Il rencontre alors plusieurs de ses sauveteurs, se lie d’amitié avec beaucoup d’entre eux et depuis ce temps, revient aux Îles de la Madeleine chaque année en septembre. Two high and well-defined ranges divide the island into three districts, of which the northern is mountainous, the central undulating, and the southern low-lying. Sans radar et uniquement doté d’un RDF (Radio Direction Finder), l’opérateur-radio Frixos Sekkides estime la position du navire à environ 10 milles nautiques au large du Rocher-aux-Oiseaux. The Venetians were replaced by the French and the French by the British, and both the lyrics and the performance of the march were officially banned. Premiers navires construits par plaques métalliques soudées et assemblées à la façon dont on assemble les voitures même aujourd’hui, leur construction débuta en 1942 alors que les sous-marins allemands, les U-Boats, avaient fait un réel massacre en coulant la plus grande partie des navires marchands alliés dans les eaux de l’Atlantique. Coming from Africa after a victorious campaign, they landed in Corfu and wreaked havoc on rural areas. Cependant, il ne reste plus de chaloupe et ils sont dix-neuf hommes toujours en détresse. [59], Following the Nazi invasion, the Italians capitulated, and the island came under German occupation. In 375 BC it again joined the Athenian alliance; two years later it was besieged by a Spartan force, but in spite of the devastation of its flourishing countryside held out successfully until relieved. Ruiz-Olmo, J. [15] According to myth, Poseidon fell in love with the beautiful nymph Korkyra, daughter of Asopos and river nymph Metope, and abducted her. [110] It was one of three Byzantine-period castles that defended the island before the Venetian era (1386–1797). Corfu city is home to the three most prestigious bands – in order of seniority: All three maintain two major bands each, the main marching bands that can field up to 200 musicians on grand occasions, and the 60-strong student bandinas meant for lighter fare and on-the-job training. Corfu, Ionian Islands: Tripadvisor har 458.952 objektive anmeldelser og artikler om, hvad man kan lave, hvor man kan spise, og hvor man skal bo i Corfu. Corfu also produces local animal products, such as Corfiote graviéra (a variant of gruyere) and "Corfu" cheese (a variant of Grana); "Corfu butter" (Boútyro Kerkýras), an intensely flavored cooking and baking butter made of ewe's milk; and the noúmboulo salami made of pork and lard and flavored with orange peel, oregano, thyme and other aromatic herbs, which are also burned for smoking. Other losses included ithe city's market (αγορά) and the hotel Bella Venezia. ; Evan Thomas Radcliffe & Co. D’ailleurs, à la fin des hostilités, un nombre incalculable de ces navires demeuraient « sur les bras » de l’amirauté puisque plus de 2700 furent construits aux É.-U. Lizard species include typical lizards and geckos like the starred agama, the Mediterranean house gecko, the moorish gecko, the Dalmatian algyroides, the common wall lizard, the Balkan wall lizard, the Balkan green lizard, the European green lizard and the snake-eyed skink as also the legless Greek slow worm and the European glass lizard. Le chef ingénieur n’est pas d’accord. Pictures. Le sable s’étant accumulé autour de la coque, on creusa d’abord un immense canal autour de l’épave et puis un chenal en oblique vers la dune. Par la suite, on choisit en plein milieu de l’océan le meilleur illustrateur de l’équipage et d’autres matelots peignirent un semblant de porte-étendard libanais sur un reste de vieille toile puis on le déploya sur l’arrière du navire. Les six autres marins sont transportés vers une maison non loin des lieux, précisément chez monsieur Albert Gaudet. This is a premier iOS app catering to almost every information of Corfu Island Corfu's Philharmonic Societies provide free instruction in music, and continue to attract young recruits. The League of Nations settled this Corfu incident. Peu à peu, la panique s’installe à bord, particulièrement au sein des matelots. The Achilleion was eventually acquired by the Greek state and has now been converted into a museum. [72] The Ionian University was established in 1984. C’est alors que Guy Aucoin et Michel Cormier ont l’idée d’aller chercher un doris non loin de là. ». The castles formed a defensive triangle, with Gardiki guarding the island's south, Kassiopi the northeast and Angelokastro the northwest. Uber est-il disponible dans votre ville ? Venetian in origin, festivities include a parade featuring the main attraction of Karnavalos, a rather grotesque figure with a large head and smiling face, leading a diverse procession of colourful floats. During their stay, a large portion of Serbian soldiers died from exhaustion, food shortage, and various diseases. Examples of the finds can be found in the Museum of the Palace of Mon Repos and at the Archaeological Museum of Corfu.[73]. [130] A long series of local composers, such as Nikolaos Mantzaros, Spyridon Xyndas, Antonio Liberali, Domenico Padovani, the Zakynthian Pavlos Carrer, the Lambelet family, Spyridon Samaras, and others, all developed careers intertwined with the theatre. The 5,000 Venetians and foreign mercenaries, together with 3,000 Corfiotes, under the leadership of Count von der Schulenburg who commanded the defence of the island, were victorious once more. [148] Package holiday resorts exist on the north, east and southwest coasts. In 2007, the city's old town was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List, following a recommendation by ICOMOS. With the advent of the jet airliner bringing these groups relatively affordable 'package holidays', Corfu was one of the primary destinations for this new form of mass tourism [149] It is still popular with the ultra-wealthy however, and in the island's northeast the homeowners include members of the Rothschild family and Russian oligarchs.[150][151]. The island of Corfu, known as Kerkyra (Greek) is the second largest of the Ionian islands.With a total length of 64 km and max. Corfu has a hot-summer Mediterranean climate (Csa in the Köppen climate classification). He offered Corfu as dowry to his daughter Lanassa on her marriage to Pyrrhus, King of Epirus. La manœuvre ne fut réussie qu’en partie, la coque refusant de glisser plus loin que la moitié de sa propre longueur après avoir pivoté d’à peine un quart de tour. Ce dernier habitant le bas de la côte peut retourner chez lui en se laissant pratiquement glisser jusqu’à sa demeure. [7] From medieval times and into the 17th century, the island, having successfully repulsed the Ottomans during several sieges, was recognised as a bulwark of the European States against the Ottoman Empire and became one of the most fortified places in Europe. Requested  immediate assistance – Waiting. A promenade rises by the seashore towards the bay of Garitsa (Γαρίτσα), together with an esplanade between the city and the citadel known as Spianada with the Liston [it] arcade (Greek: Λιστόν) to its west side, where restaurants and bistros abound.[2]. The castle never fell, despite frequent sieges and attempts at conquering it through the centuries, and played a decisive role in defending the island against pirate incursions and during three sieges of Corfu by the Ottomans, significantly contributing to their defeat. [54], Thirty-four years later, in August 1571, Ottoman forces returned for yet another attempt to conquer the island. Movies. [135] At this point the bands play different funeral marches, with the Mantzaros playing Miccheli's Calde Lacrime, the Palia playing Marcia Funebre from Faccio's Amleto, and the Capodistria playing the Funeral March from Beethoven's Eroica. On s’active maintenant sur la plage et on décide au moyen du doris de filer sur le cordage tendu entre le bastingage du navire et l’autoneige stationnée là où la fusée s’est fichée plus tôt. Corfu, the verdurous isle of the Phaeacians, the greenest in Greece, and the entire Mediterranean too. Dressed in full royal military regalia and erect on his racing chariot, he pulls the lifeless body of Hector of Troy in front of the stunned crowd watching helplessly from inside the walls of the Trojan citadel. Construit au Canada en novembre 1943 au North Vancouver Ship Repairs Ltd., à Vancouver Nord, il est du nombre de ces navires surnommés les « Liberty ships » ou « Bateaux de la liberté ». [83] The temple features several architectural peculiarities that point to a Doric origin. Bien que naviguant sous pavillon panaméen, il fut acquis par l’armateur Grecque J.V.Thrasivoulos Boyagides pour dit-on environ 55,000. Pontikonisi is home of the monastery of Pantokrator (Μοναστήρι του Παντοκράτορος); the white stone staircase of the monastery, viewed from afar, gives the impression of a (mouse) tail, which lent the island its name. The Ionian University was established in 1984, in recognition, by the administration of Andreas Papandreou, of Corfu's contribution to Education in Greece, as the seat of the first Greek university in modern times,[117] the Ionian Academy. [89] Very few Greek temple reliefs from the Archaic period have survived, and the large fragments of the group from the pediment are the earliest significant survivals. Il est très difficile de séparer visuellement la mer de la côte. Also cultivated on the island are the white Petrokoritho, Moschato Aspro, Robola and Kozanitis and the red Kakotrygis and Mavrodafni", "The Ionian Islands During the Byzantine Period: An Overview of their History and Monuments", Serbs in Corfu and Vido: Historical Website, Cathedral of Saint James and Saint Christopher, Peloponnese, Western Greece and the Ionian,, Mediterranean port cities and towns in Greece, Municipalities of the Ionian Islands (region), Populated places in Corfu (regional unit), Articles containing Ancient Greek (to 1453)-language text, Articles containing Medieval Greek-language text, Articles with Greek-language sources (el), Wikipedia articles incorporating a citation from the 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica with Wikisource reference, Wikipedia articles incorporating text from the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica, Pages containing links to subscription-only content, Short description is different from Wikidata, Pages using infobox settlement with possible demonym list, Instances of Lang-el using second unnamed parameter, Articles containing Venetian-language text, Articles containing Serbian-language text, Pages using Sister project links with hidden wikidata, Pages using Sister project links with default search, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Source 1: Hellenic National Meteorological Service, Source 2: NOAA (extremes and sun 1961−1990), Count Dimitrios Nikolaou Karousos, President of the.

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