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Enfièvre, Donc, si le fait qu'il puisse aimer un homme majeur vous choque, halte là ! Delightful! Chloe reminds me of a fresher less starchy version of White Linen edp. I liked and wore the old one but have not tested the new one. It smells a tad old fashioned, too. But I wasn't sure about Chloe. Résumé :Pour un devoir en classe, Clark doit écrire un poème sur la personne dont il est amoureux. Pour les choses que j’éprouve sont sottises. If I'm really honest. Chloe will always be on the market as it is a very fresh and elegant scent. One spray is enough, and even walking through just the mist if your leaving the house too soon. Aujourd’hui L’eau salée-amère éclabousse la feuille de colère avant que l’encre sèche Et sans alarme de l’arme les crayons sont brisés en lambeaux Ne Totally agree with kuanyin4's comments below. It's a very 80's fragrance and I just hated when they changed the formula and ended with this classic. The original Karl Lagerfeld pour homme in its current formulation suffers from the same issues as this one. It's so nice. Trouvez une rime pour Chloé - Quelles sont les rimes de Chloé ? Love it!!! I can say that it is a classic though. Almost like Dial Soap, the yellow-orangish soap bar. Not sure if this bottle was contaminated or something but boy was it BAD. What a joy too wear and I get compliments daily. What I remembered the most about it was the peach note, not having the nose or knowledge to identify any other notes. Chloe has an old fashioned quality and I picture a girl in flowing a white silky dress in a meadow. Some 70's and 80's fragrances are favorites for me but I struggle with finding a place to wear them so I just don't! The nose behind this fragrance is Betty Busse. It's from the year it came out. Comments about a hairspray aura in the opening are absolutely accurate. I don’t get much wood at all. A beautiful intense floral that lasts for hours. It's a very pleasing fragrance with a white floral base. Times have certainly changed, I can't see a junior high kid liking any of those scents in 2013. It is a bit heavier than I expected and though I can smell rose and honeysuckle I mostly get carnation which isn't my favorite flower. Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème anniversaire meilleure amie, … As a fragrance, I think Chloe is marvelous, beautiful, and elegant. D’autre part, « la diane », dans un sens plus ancien, était utilisée par les alchimistes pour se référer au métal ce qui peut être rapproché du travail d’alchimiste du poète. Since Cecita was a very well known perfume and predates Chloe by almost 10 years, you reach your conclusions. It also is quite different then the modern version. Light and fresh. I just got this from my mom. This voluptuous perfume foreshadows the 80’s powerhouse perfume trend even it was created in 1975. I smell a deep honey. At first it was a very warm, weird, heavy cloud that I figured would dissipate as the day wore on but it morphed into a spicy pleasantness that kept making me wonder WHO I was smelling because it was SO different! The original for me, was college in the 80's and the rest of that decade. Seulement le travail que je dois faire dans ma tête me donne des espoirs. Admittedly, I'm not a floral gal, but this works SO well on my mom. I had the opportunity of re introduction by a client of mine who was wearing this scent. I should get a tester and give it a proper try so I can say something about them both but the warmth that the new seems to lack is one of the things I loved about the old version. I like floral powdery smells as they remind me of Victorian ladies...I wish I could have smelled the other Chloe perfumes along side of this. I'm not sure if I'd ever wear it myself--it may be too sweet or too floral for me--but I'm pleased to have it in my collection. It smells sophisticated and intimidating, and a bit mysterious. I wonder why they don't realize it's exquisitely feminine and definitely a classic. It's smells so expensive for that price tag. Maybe a vintage would be better for wearing. (Excepting Amarige,of course!). Dicocitations est un partenaire du Monde. I am about to do my first blind-buy: Reading the comments about this perfume and looking at the price, it looks like a must-buy. Most importantly for me, this fragrance reminds me of the 1970s and I consider it a classic perfume of that era. What can I say. It was, at that time, a drugstore fragrance, like Gloria Vanderbilt, Charlie, etc. Great for this time of year when Spring is around the corner but it's still cold enough to warrant a cozy scent. The current version seems quite faithfull to what I remember of this scent. It smells like a professional woman aged 30 and above. Or the change in weather might have something to do with it too. I would definitely feel okay wearing this to work, Mother's Day Brunch, and I just wore it out this weekend for my anniversary dinner. I like them both. I finally blind bought it and am so glad I did! (I always say that without scent I would have no memories). À l’éclat merveilleux du regard de Delphine. The original Karl Lagerfeld nose was Betty Busse. It is easily recognizable and ultra feminine. This fragrance pictures me in the busy morning streets of Paris during the modernization age, where the streets are bustling with noisy old cars, women wearing coats and hats walking to the florist and cafè. I love Chloe as it is the first perfume I was ever given by my brother at the young age of thirteen. Maybe its because I havent given it the chance it deserves? While I certainly like the Narcisse better this one has a charm all its own and the cute bottle with the while calla lilly stopper brings back memories of an advert in the 80's with a woman applying the perfume with the stopper. A nice daytime fragrance, good for work if used sparingly. I feel like I have smelled some forms of it through other perfumes that I have smelled. I am fond of a good many old fashioned floral bombs, and to me this is the best of the lot. It is the original and smells so lush with the slight siren call of the tuberose, but it is not nearly as overwhelming as Fracas. I generally like spicy-warm perfumes but I'd like to try something new. This time I treated myself to the vintage by Karl Lagerfeld. Chloé, qui semble fée en ces torpeurs I wore this when it was first introduced in 1975..I loved it then and it is still one of my favorites..The parfum is the best way to experience it, and a little dab is enough..It brings such wonderful memories, just as classic scents are supposed to do.. Chloe Douglas, 2019. She was a tall redhead with an aggressive, biting personality (think Lois Wilkerson from Malcolm in the Middle, only not that laid back...) Rather than notes or blends, for me fragrances are all about mood and connotation and memory. I feel very elegant when I am wearing this, indeed Chloe Chloe exudes confidence, being chic and glamorous! A couple years ago I received this as a gift from a friend. A delicate and interesting mixture of scents that can't let you indifferent! This fragrance just does not fit my image of myself anymore. So, I wore it again! Strange, cause notes of different Chloe fragrances are not the same, of course, and I can't track what is 'the note that does not like my skin'. It is very similar to the Chloe Narcisse I've had but less intense. There is something so warm and cozy about this fragrance. My mother bought me a bottle of this by accident because she got confused when I said I loved my Chloe perfume (the other Chloe...) I figured I would give it a try anyways. This smells like something a pretty but plain bookish lady might wear.. a librarian or an algebra teacher, a long haired brunette in a cardigan and glasses. I started wearing Chloe in the early '90's and continue to include it in my fragrance repetoire. A soapy floral with a powdery edge. Yes, definitely. Or maybe the reformulation is to blame? Impalpable fantôme, hystére et Coriolis, This is my favorite scent, and I wish it was still in production. I remember my mother getting a bottle as a gift in the early 90s and me using it all. I bought this on accident during the summertime confusing it for the new Chloe at a discount store. Sadly, both are gone now. This is very good for colder days, it brings warmth and soft comfort for those days. I bought this fragrance on sale and I don't love it. Now it is more of a chypre than a floral to my senses. And even now, almost 24 hours later, I can still catch it when I wave my pajama top around! Starts with a strong accord of aldehydes, tuberose and peach, but one should definitely wait for the drydown - it's a very warm and delicious coconut. I decided a few months after I turned 40 it was time to not necessarily reinvent myself but more like refresh myself and accept that I am officially a woman and not a girl. Romance in a bottle, soft and very subtle not loud but makes a statement. :). The silage is moderate on me and she lasts 4 hours or so. I just knew what I thought smelled good, and that was more than enough for me! Caractère des Chloé. I think my nose has changed a bit, because it was actually really pleasant to my nose. Not a bad smelling one mind you, but I swear I've smelled something like this before. Of course, the opening is off, but as a lover of many vintage perfumes, I knew not to pass judgment until it had a chance to settle down. Moment to moment sexy at it's best! My mother has worn this for years. My mom had a big bottle and gave me a teeny miniature. This fragrance was absolutely gorgeous for that moment. its a shame they discontinued the old formula..........it was a beautiful strong creamy floral scent............i just loved it..........the re-created version im sad to say just doesnt cut it........smells to chemical for me - it lacks the creaminess.........and where the heck are the aldehydes lol - not in the re-created version......and the beautiful honeysuckle & tuberose in the original just doesnt shine in the re-created version..........i think its time for this one to be put to sleep lol............but i do love the "new" chloe (in the square bottle ) & the whole "new" chloe line - which is nothing like this recreated version - so dont get them confused :). The aldehydes play an important role in this well done composition. Very, very dated initially but after 20 minutes it settles and there is a beautiful warm luxurious scent. This is the only one i can recall almost as a dream. Review for Chloe Lagerfeld (older version). Such a damn shame really! My high school boyfriend's mother wore this, and it really suited her. Amarige is bright and uplifting. No? As it happens to all great voluptuose older fragrances, they just decide that we are all soft young women who prefer soft young smells. Which is always a bonus. My friend wears this scent and it is deliciously floral and spicy on her. It lacks some of the depth of the original Chloe, but I still like it very much - it still has decent projection and longevity, at least no one will complain of "tasting" it again....the days of perfume smelling that powerful are long gone. The perfume was dismissed as being too heavy, too cloying, too sweet and too old-fashioned. Mis à jour 29/12/2019 Voir ici une anthologie des poèmes de la langue française Darn. But I did have Chloe by Chloe in junior high (lets call that 1990), I also had Chloe Narcisse and Estee Lauder Knowing! Daphnis et Chloé – Second Suite [16:12] Pavane pour une infante défunte [6:41] Alexander SCRIABIN (1872-1915) Le Poème de l’extase, Op 54 [19:30] New England Conservatory Chorus, Boston Symphony Orchestra / Claudio Abbado rec. I could tell that the shoppers around me did not like what they were smelling..so I went to the bathroom and washed it off of my hand. Still, this is lovely. EGADS was this awful on me! No, not really. Ultra feminine! Voir plus d'idées sur le thème poeme pour ma soeur, soeurs citation, soeur. It is a complex fragrance that I still love to wear when feeling floral. personally i detect more peach and orange blossom in this, at least at the beginning. What they bottle today under this name is nothing Ike it used to be. Thank you Chloe for making this piece of pure art! I love me some Chloe! The age bias on this site is frankly shocking. I can still feel it through memories and imagination. It's too...something...Maybe too much aldehyde or tuberose, I'm not sure. Dans la mythologie greque, Déméter au surnom de Chloé Euchloos ou Chloéphoro était une déesse qui faisait pousser les plantes dont leurs fruits étaient nécessaire pour l'alimentation. This is one of those powerhouse scents for a woman who wants to smell as strong and unique as she is, which is to say, it's not for everybody. Wore this in my teens, and actually was shocked to see a bottle of it at TJMAXX the other day. beautiful, but nothing unique. Okay, i got an old version in a mini bottle. I mostly use this as a room spray. This was a semi-blind buy last spring. Not a good thing to hear at any time. Assez discrète et réservée, elle déteste les conflits et privilégie en toutes occasions la médiation. Not sure what that says for my skin or nose, since so many seem to find this one unpleasant, but just one spritz on my wrist put me in fragrance heaven. Back then the bottle was the same as now but with frosted glass and a white logo. Then it is dominated by the sweet intoxicating tuberose. I don't generally like a lot of the "classic" perfumes--I hated Chanel No 5 for instance--but this one is very pleasant. Si vous recherchez un poème pour une déclaration ou à offrir pour la Saint-Valentin, consultez cette rubrique dédiée à une Saint-Valentin d'amour ainsi que celle réservée aux poèmes et textes pour une déclaration amoureuse. Later on it was found in drug stores, and still is . There is not one note listed that I don't like. But I'm not perfectly ladylike every single day:). This scent surrounds you in comfort. Yes (as with Opium and many other fragrances) this has been simplified and somewhat cut down. The bottle is just as yawningly boring too lol. Not a fan of the original but I know it smelled a lot better than this. On me, it is unpleasantly sharp and pungent. From what I can remember, it would be a very dated frag now, but I'm sure some people still enjoy it. I was about 7 or 8 years old when my Mom first purchased this in the late '70s. I'm going to wear it more often now, the edt versions work really well in warmer weather.I'll check out the newer version as well but I'd recommend trying the Karl Lagerfeld original, it is truly beautiful, even for a non floral lover like me. Sprayed on paper strip, they are perfect, but sprayed on me, do not develop, I feel nothing. I guess this tendency has a lot to do with the marketing people who try to decide which age-group to aim to product at, and how to design the packaging. I couldn't remember what it smelled like, but something kept drawing me back to reconsider. I thought the same, but felt bad applying age-ism labels to a perfume. There's a faint peachiness and the musk is on point to my nose. I so wanted the wonderful creamy floral that others have described, but all I can smell is hairspray and something very like old lipstick. For some strange reason, no Chloe scent develops nicely on my skin. Upon first spritz, the aldehydes dominate and I get a non-sweet peach accord as well. I smell a little bit of Oscar De La Renta and Yves Saint Laurent Paris, but less powdery and smokier, darker, and sexier. Oh. This smells like what I expect a French perfume to smell like. Did remind me a bit of bug spray for some reason. :(. What a lovely fragrance. I love fragrances from the 70's. I was happy to find that this is still available, I thought it disappeared from the market when the new Chloe, rosy one, which I love by the way, came instead. 30/11/2020 Poeme-France En mettant un commentaire, vous pourrez exprimer sur cet écrit : votre ressenti, un encouragement, un conseil ou simplement dire que vous l'avez lu. This may not be your idea of a hipster scent , but I think it is the most feminine perfume I have ever owned . Chloe Douglas, 2018. I looooveee this frag!! What a difference time has made in fragrance geared towards the young. I didn't have it on long enough to allow it to get me nauseous or give me a headache but it is the type of fragrance that would do it to me. I wore this back in the 80s and have a distant memory of it being feminine, pretty, rich without being heavy - a little lady-like but not old fashioned. Clark et Pete entrèrent dans la salle de monsieur Mayers tout en discutant. Quite outdated and heavy, but a well-composed formula nonetheless. par Mayor, Eveille-toi, Chloé, du matin A beautiful composition of jasmine, lilac, tuberose, and carnation. There's also carnation flowers and roses. It's a tragedy it disappeared, specially because nobody make intense jasmine and honey like this anymore. My maternal grandmother always smelled of this. 5. You CAN overdo it with this, so apply sparingly. The scent I experienced was nothing like I remembered. I brought this right back to the store. I cannot improve on your review. It's peachy and comforting. Wow! However, after I opened up the box, I realized (duh) that it was the original Chloe. You have to remember when the so called old people wore it they were then young. I have never had the pleasure of experiencing the Karl Langerfeld version. These comments are regarding the Chloe EDT distributed by Coty Prestige, (the exact bottle pictured here) now discontinued. It smells great on me, my skin and body chemistry loves it. If my brain didn't insist on this fragrance belonging to a certain place/time/and person, I'd probably want to own it, like a stunning painting. I recently acquired the vintage 70's dusting powder and it is just divine. Sometimes it reminds me of the type of pre- Raphaelite ladies in the paintings with long ringlets and gauzy dresses in flowerey meadows.

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